About Us

Developed by a Team of Experts

Our product was carefully researched and formulated by a team of top-level natural products industry professionals including the following:

  • Leading Nutritional Product Developer
  • Chemist
  • Clinical Nutritionist
  • Naturopathic Doctor
  • Pharmacist

The team at Bodycloc Naturals is also comprised of leading natural products industry advisors.

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Our Brand Story

As a supplement user and a consultant in the natural products industry, I frequently came across research and popular articles regarding the optimal times of day to take your supplements. Science clearly illustrates that within a 24-hour day, body cells conduct different activities at different times of the day. Research shows it makes sense to support cells with the right nutrients at the right time of day. Research also shows how our metabolic cycles and our circadian rhythm (our master body clock) are directly influenced by this timing issue and the dramatic impact it has on the body's functions and overall well-being. My research changed the way I now take my supplements and, voila, Bodycloc Naturals LLC was born. Supported by top natural products industry advisors and proprietary proof-of-concept research, our team focused on this unaddressed timing topic by developing a patent-pending supplement program to optimize energy, digestion, sleep, immunity, and overall well-being.

- Steven Liberman, Founder/CEO

BC TeamPhotos StevenLiberman

Steven Liberman

Mr. Liberman has extensive experience in research, CPG advertising, marketing, branding, sponsorship, and business development, with a growing focus on the natural products industry. Steven has a pre-med science/psychobiology Collegial Studies degree from McGill University, a BA from University of Miami, and an MBA from  Michigan State University. Some of his past research, marketing/communication, and sponsorship clients have included NIVEA/Smith & Nephew, Coty/Pfizer, Ayerst Laboratories, Dr. Hauschka, Naked Juice, Hint Inc., and various nonprofit organizations. Steven's consulting company of over 20 years, Venture Studios, has been an integral strategic and business development advisory firm, most recently in the  water/beverage industry. Steven is a past finalist/recipient of Canada's Foundation of  Entrepreneurship award.

Bodycloc Naturals LLC Advisors

Bodycloc Naturals LLC Advisors

BC TeamPhotos Francine Schoenwetter

Francine Schoenwetter

Business Development

As Content Marketing Director at Informa Markets, Health & Nutrition at New Hope Network, Francine assists products with engaging content solutions, education, and custom consulting services. The Media brands she assists include New Hope Network, Natural Products Insider, Food & Beverage Insider, Natural Products Expo, and Supply Side. Francine directs strategic programs that provide value to product manufacturers and ingredient and service providers within the innovative world of "natural" - healthy and clean label consumer products.

BC TeamPhotos MarkMallardi

Mark Mallardi

Marketing/Research Strategy

Mr. Mallardi is a highly accomplished, strategically oriented, and globally proficient executive with a long track record of success in sales, research, business development, marketing, general management, team building, strategic planning, analytical, presentation, and public speaking. Mark is the former Executive Director, Strategic Development and Research at New Hope Network for NEXT Data & Insights service offerings. With a degree in marketing and economics he now manages a natural products juice/beverage company.

BC TeamPhotos MonikaKlein

Monika Klein

Clinical Nutritionist CN, CHC

As a Clinical Nutritionist, health coach and founder of Coaching For Health, Monika is an author, speaker, health and wellness advisor, seminar leader and media spokesperson. Monika has a bachelor's degree from the University of Manitoba in Human Ecology- Nutrition, Food Science and Social Sciences. After graduating she began actively working in broadcast journalism and television production for several years. She now counsels in the areas of diet and nutrition, lifestyle, healthy exercise, supplementation and stress management.

BC TeamPhotos NormanLight

Norman Light

Financial Strategy

Mr. Light had a long career as a senior executive in the financial services industry with past positions as VP at Royal Bank of Canada and SVP at Manulife including the following positions: CFO, Wealth Management, SVP & Corporate Controller, SVP & CFO, Investment Division, and Global Investment Management. Norman graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA in finance and founded Enlightened Private Capital in 2009 to source funds for companies.

BC TeamPhotos JimRoufs

Jim Roufs

Scientific Formulation

Mr. Roufs runs Intelligent Nutrition, a scientific research/formulation consultancy and has extensive experience in the dietary supplement industry and natural products industry. He has managed research and product development departments at various supplement firms as well as heading up New Product Development for the world's largest dietary supplement brand. Jim holds a master's degree specializing in food science/nutrition from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and is a registered dietitian.

BC TeamPhotos MattZeigler

Matt Zeigler


As a prominent formulator and expert in the dietary supplement industry, Mr. Ziegler has a passion for the scientific method, innovation, and nutrition. He has served as formulator, scientific advisor, chemist, manufacturing expert, quality consultant, and as Director of Product Development for multiple dietary supplement companies. With a BS in biological science and a MS in analytical chemistry Matt successfully developed over 100 supplements. He is currently the CEO/Chief Scientist of his own dietary supplement consulting firm HydroScience LLC.

BC TeamPhotos ShawnMerirovici

Dr. Shawn Meirovici ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Shawn Meirovici ND has been a pioneering force behind the naturopathic treatment of disabling neurological conditions such as: Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke. He graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and is a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors and the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians. In 2012 Shawn was awarded the title: "Best Naturopathic Doctor in Canada" by NaturalHealthcare.ca.

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Better you. Better Planet.

As an innovative wellness products company, Bodycloc Naturals LLC strives to find new ways to help humans improve their health. Bodycloc Naturals also endeavors to find innovative ideas and ways to give back to the planet and humanity. This is one reason we have chosen to launch our product line in recyclable pouches and post-consumer material sachets versus plastic bottles.

We are a mission-driven company that understands we live and operate in a world that needs our help more than ever. From climate change, ocean pollution and animal welfare to medical research for pursuing innovative cures, we are committed to helping address these issues on the only planet we humans have to live and thrive on. As we grow, management is determined to seek out and support causes and nonprofits that are making a difference. Stay tuned…